What’s Sustainable Living?

Sustainable Living: A Lifestyle Choice

We know that climate change, global warming, and depletion of our natural resources have an impact on human and animal lives. Instead of shrugging our shoulders and assuming there’s nothing we can do about it, Sustainable Rossmoor is committed to adopting actions in our personal lives, and advocating for change at the Mutual and GRF levels, that reduce our impact on the environment. Club members have always believed that expanding awareness about environmental sustainability throughout the Rossmoor community should be a top priority.

With this goal in mind, the club sponsors talks by experts in the field of sustainability at our community wide educational forums. And every month in our Film Series, we showcase a movie that inspires us and educates us about the breadth and depth of sustainability and environmental causes around the world.

One of our major successes here in Rossmoor is the soon-to-be installed Solar Farm, up on the hill close to MOD. We expect this 1 mega-watt solar array to be operational in late 2018 and is expected to provide 60% of Golden Rain Foundation’s electrical needs.That’s quite exciting and we are very proud of our role in bringing this to fruition. Our Water Conservation Committee with its sub-committee The Landscape Working Group, work with the Mutuals to reduce water use and water waste in the landscape in Rossmoor. And we are also exploring ways to bring green waste composting (Trash Talk Committee) and electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS Committee) to our community.

We are an outgoing and active group that believes in living lightly on this great planet. And as you can see, we are a group that gets things done. We are committed to being environmentally responsible and resource efficient and we’d love to have you join us! We look forward to seeing you at one of our monthly meetings or another Sustainable Rossmoor event.

8 Easy Ways to Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle Here in Rossmoor

  1. Take the bus! It’s easy and fun
  2. Opt In to Deep Green MCE for an additional $5/month on your electric bill.
  3. Use the cold water settings on your washing machine
  4. If you garden, commit to drip irrigation
  5. Buy and Use environmentally safe household products
  6. Recycle & Reuse! Check what’s recyclable at the Recycle Smart website.
  7. Talk with your Mutual Rep and get involved in bringing sustainable practices to your Entry
  8.  Join Sustainable Rossmoor of course! Come to our monthly meeting (First Tuesday 7pm @ Creekside’s Fairway Room) or email us for more information: president@sustainablerossmoor.org.