Recent Successes:

Sustainable Rossmoor’s recent successes and activities include:

  • Passage of AB 634, a state law that makes it easier for condo and coop owners to install solar panels;
  • The GRF solar array, will provide 2/3’s of the power for Rossmoor’s common buildings;
  • Film Night, a monthly series in Peacock Hall featuring a variety of stories and documentaries focused on sustainability;
  • Earth Day/Month celebrations, featuring demonstrations, presentations, and films focused on taking better care of our fragile planet;
  • The Trash Talk Committee, which is sponsoring a pilot project for recycling organic waste (composting);
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, are now available in THREE Rossmoor locations; and
  • Publication of Earth Matters, a bimonthly column in the Rossmoor News and blogged directly to you for signing up for Sustainable Rossmoor blog posts.


Our Mission and Guiding Principles:

This is What We Believe and How We Intend to Operate

The Mission of Sustainable Rossmoor

Sustainable Rossmoor’s mission is to promote environmentally sustainable practices in Rossmoor, the surrounding community, and the world at large. [1]

Achieving Our Goals

We will propose and carry out a variety of activities intended to advance sustainable practices of all kinds, including, but not limited to, increased reliance on renewable sources of energy, water and energy conservation, sustainable landscaping, and recycling.

In pursuit of our mission, we, the members of the Sustainable Rossmoor Club, believe:

  • in being well-informed about the issues and concerns we raise;
  • in basing our advocacy on well-established scientific principles;
  • in working constructively with our neighbors, the Mutual boards, GRF, and the MOD staff and their contractors;
  • that collaboration is far more effective in the long run than confrontation and criticism; and
  • that while we may often desire and advocate change in current practices at Rossmoor, we are far more likely to achieve our goals by understanding the history and reasoning behind those practices before we press publicly for changing them.

As members of Sustainable Rossmoor, we understand that while we are free to express ourselves as individuals on any topic, we will not claim to speak on behalf of the Club unless the Club President has defined and authorized a formal position statement.

Furthermore, the Club President will not define a club “position” on any issue unless and until the majority of steering committee members, and, when possible, those members present at a regular club meeting where voting is taking place have agreed to authorize the President to do so.

Sustainable Rossmoor intends to make a positive contribution to the Rossmoor community by continuing to educate our neighbors and building widespread consensus about the importance of living sustainably.

[1] In pursuit of this mission, all club activities and actions shall comply with Golden Rain Foundation Policy 302.0.

Sustainable Living: A Lifestyle Choice

We know that climate change, global warming, and depletion of our natural resources have an impact on human and animal lives. Instead of shrugging our shoulders and assuming there’s nothing we can do about it, Sustainable Rossmoor is committed to adopting actions in our personal lives, and advocating for change at the Mutual and GRF levels, that reduce our impact on the environment. Club members have always believed that expanding awareness about environmental sustainability throughout the Rossmoor community should be a top priority.

With this goal in mind, the club sponsors talks by experts in the field of sustainability at our community wide educational forums. And every month in our Film Series, we showcase a movie that inspires us and educates us about the breadth and depth of sustainability and environmental causes around the world.

One of our major successes here in Rossmoor is the Solar Farm, up on the hill close to MOD. We expect this 1 mega-watt solar array to provide 60% of Golden Rain Foundation’s electrical needs.That’s quite exciting and we are very proud of our role in bringing this to fruition. Our Water Conservation Committee  works with the Mutuals to reduce water use and water waste in the landscape in Rossmoor. And we are also exploring ways to bring green waste composting (Trash Talk Committee) and electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS Committee) to our community.

We are an outgoing and active group that believes in living lightly on this great planet. And as you can see, we are a group that gets things done. We are committed to being environmentally responsible and resource efficient and we’d love to have you join us! We look forward to seeing you at one of our monthly meetings or another Sustainable Rossmoor event.