Solar and your Mutual

What Rossmoor Mutual Boards can and cannot do about residential solar

Installing solar on your condominium roof-top is governed by a 2018 California law AB634. This law requires that:

Members of the Residential Solar Committee stand ready to provide their expertise to advise and review Mutual solar policies.

Guidelines for moving your solar installation through the approval process

  • Inform the other owners in your building that you will be installing a solar system. At the same time, you may invite them to consider joining you—installers will often give a significant discount if two or more systems are installed at the same time. Listen to and consider any responses from the other building residents. However, other residents in your building cannot reject or veto your solar plans if you use only your proportional part of the roof’s total area.
  • Learn your Mutual’s requirements from the list above or by contacting them.
  • Your installer will file detailed plans with the Mutual and arrange to get a building permit from the City of Walnut Creek.
  • If you have received no comments from your Mutual within 45 days after you submitted your plans, then the plans are considered approved by the Mutual. If you receive comments, they must be reasonable. Currently, MOD will automatically approve any plans approved by a Mutual. The city’s review will be the same as for any other architectural change.
  • Once approved, your installer will schedule your installation. An installation, once started, usually requires a week to complete.
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