Queen of the Sun – What Are the Bees Telling Us?

Movie Date and Time: May 10th, 7 PM in Peacock

Queen of the Sun -What Are The Bees Telling Us?

“This is a remarkable documentary that’s also one of the most beautiful nature films I’ve seen” described Roger Ebert. This film poetically balances a sense of urgency about the global bee crisis with hope and inspiration. It earned a 97% rating from Rotten Tomatoes critics, and nearly a dozen international awards.

Filmmaker Taggart Siegel takes us on a journey through the mysterious world of beehives and their catastrophic disappearance. He explores the precarious world of the bees through interviews with beekeepers and global experts, helping unravel the multiple factors behind bee colony collapse. Best-selling author Michael Pollan and Gunther Hauk, beekeeper and founder of the world’s first formal bee sanctuary, are two of the featured authorities playing supportive roles to the film’s lead characters: the bees.

These fuzzy little creatures keep us alive; they are responsible for 4 of every 10 bites of food we eat.  Yet, their own survival is at risk largely due to human activity. Their grace and harmony is daunted by ominous “insect deserts”—fields of mono-crops (such as almonds or soy) that stretch for miles and offer no year-round habitat to sustain the bees. Pesticides, parasites, queen breeding, and genetically modified crops are just a few more of the culprits responsible for the disappearance of the world’s bees. A recent study reveals 1 in 4 native bee species is going extinct.


Queen of the Sun What Are the Bees Telling Us reveals both the problems and the solutions of renewing a culture in balance with nature. With captions.

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