Cable TV and Internet during power outages

Comcast’s Xfinity™ cable TV and Internet will not keep working during area-wide PG&E power outages, such as Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPSs).  Indeed, Comcast has warned that, during PSPSs, cable and Internet service may be interrupted even if you still have power at your residence.

During an extended outage your best way to stay connected to the Internet is via your smartphone.  All of the power backup options presented here let you keep your smartphone charged.

You can also use the Personal Hotspot or tethering feature of your smartphone to create a Wi-Fi hub and connect your computer to the Internet. To set up Personal Hotspot using an Apple iPhone click here, or here for a Samsung Galaxy.  You may need to contact your cellular provider to enable this feature — some providers charge an extra monthly fee for this capability.

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