SR Movie in July:  WOMAN AT WAR

When: Wednesday, July 10 at 7 pm    Location: Peacock Hall

This award-winning 2018 Icelandic thriller is about a seemingly gentle 50-year-old independent woman who leads a double life as a passionate environmental warrior. Its beautiful cinematography includes some playful art-house elements that make it both fun and fascinating. English subtitles, 100 minutes, followed by an optional discussion.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/U2v3_jHrvBQ

THE BACK-STORY. Our warrior heroine is attempting to shut down an aluminum smelter, or at least discourage further investment and expansion of the aluminum industry in Iceland.  Although Iceland has almost 100% renewable energy (mostly geothermal, some hydro), its pristine environment has been spoiled over recent decades by successive Icelandic governments.  Their continuing emphasis is on the development of heavy industry using the country’s plentiful renewable energy resources to prop up environmentally damaging foreign industries. As a result, this “clean energy” has generated private profits for many companies outside of the country.  Meanwhile the benefits for the local population are, at best, questionable and large areas of unique nature have been lost forever.

American companies have moved 30 energy intensive, highly polluting aluminum smelters to Iceland. There are still 5 such smelters in the US; all are ailing — unable to compete with foreign prices.


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