A New Column for ‘A Wonderful World’

Congratulations!  You are reading the first entry of the Rossmoor News’ latest column.

Last week, Maureen O’Rourke, the managing editor of the Rossmoor News, met with about a dozen leaders of SolarPowered Rossmoor and cemented plans for an every-other-week column featuring environmental news and views. I have the honor of being “first at bat.”

One of my favorite songs is Louie Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World.”  I do believe that we are blessed to be able to live on this Earth…the green and blue gem of the universe. Those of us who will be writing this biweekly column are all determined to do our part to ensure that the good life we have enjoyed will be available for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

After a short get-together with O’Rourke, the SolarPowered members met to come up with a name for this new endeavor. The group considered dozens of variations using words such as sustainability, green, challenges, issues, conservation, environment, etc. We were searching for a phrase that would grab the attention of both conservatives and progressives.  We want everyone at Rossmoor to hear what we have to say.

Earth Matters

The closest to consensus we were able to get was “Our Living Earth.”  But later, Susie Clark emailed me and asked, what about “Earth Matters”?  That name seemed to hit a good chord with the rest of us, so that’s what we will call this column. Check the News in two weeks to see if we have found something that everyone likes better.

I will be the coordinator of the writers, but there will be several other authors contributing.  Just as the club has become involved in issues other than solar energy, this column will deal with a wide range of topics that SolarPowered Rossmoor thinks should be of interest to Rossmoor residents: climate change, water issues, energy conservation, endangered species, recycling, food choices, fossil fuel, new ideas in renewable energy and much more.

The environmental movement is relatively new.  It all started here in Northern California with John Muir and the newly formed Sierra Club back about 100 years ago. Lots has happened since then. For one, the population of the world has tripled (a quarter of a million more people inhabit the world each day). This population explosion leads to increased pollution, depletion of resources and conflicts.  Business as usual won’t work anymore.  Every one of us has an influence on the world we live in…let’s make sure it is mostly positive.  Hopefully, this column will help readers walk the earth with a softer footprint.

This article was originally published in the Rossmoor News on July 22, 2015 by author Bob Hanson.

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