WHEN: Wednesday, Feb 14, 7:00-8:30 pm

WHERE: Peacock Hall


The best way to truly understand weather is to get inside it. Sustainable Rossmoor screens  WILD WEATHER at Peacock Hall on Wednesday, February 14 at 7 pm — a fresh and informative documentary produced by NOVA that introduces a global group of experts who risk their lives to demonstrate the power of wind, water and temperature, taking these simple “ingredients” and transforming them into something spectacular and powerful for everyone to understand. Maverick experts and renowned specialists from around the world reveal a whole range of fascinating new discoveries from the cutting edge of science. 

Despite scientists studying it for thousands of years, we know far less about how weather works than anyone might expect. We hear that global warming is causing Extreme Weather –exacerbating both cold and hot atmospheric conditions, and excessively dry or wet ones. But, understanding the mechanics of the basics is still a challenge. Sometimes crazy and fun, watch these professionals as they explore the mysteries of hurricanes, sandstorms, and icy cyclones. They change the way you think about whether forever. Captions included. 

Wild Valentine Chocolates will be available!

Trailer: http://youtu.be/BXa68-y3GJE 

American meteorologist Reed Timmer uses a bizarre tornado-proof armoured car called “The Dominator 3,” to attempt to do something that no-one has ever done before: fire a flying probe right into the heart of a tornado.

Engineers Jim Stratton and Craig Zehrung from Purdue University, USA, use a high powered “vacuum cannon” to fire homemade hailstones at over 500 mph. It sounds like fun, but their work has a serious purpose: to discover whether hail is actually stronger than ordinary ice.

Walter Steinkogler of the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos, Switzerland, tries to find out how something as light and delicate as snow can travel at 250 mph when it’s in an avalanche.

Dr. Kazunori Kuwana from Yamagata University, Japan has spent the last 10 years trying to capture the rare moment that can turn a bushfire into a formidable fire whirlwind. In “Wild Weather” he fulfils a lifelong ambition by starting a 10-meter high fire whirl of his own.

Dan Morgan of Cobham Laboratories, U.K. creates lightning bolts in his lab to try and measure the destructive power not of lightning, but of thunder. Although we think of thunder as merely the sound of lightning, it is actually a powerful destructive force of its own. In a world-first “Wild Weather” makes it possible to actually see thunder for the first time.

Below, scientist Dr. Nigel Tapper of Monash University, Australia tries to create his own massive dust storm so he can examine the microscopic moments when dust particles begin to bounce high into the stratosphere. 

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