When Our Earth Matters to Us

when our earth matters to us

By Dale J. Harrington

What follows are some ways we can establish when our Earth matters to us:

Who we vote for:

Do we vote for candidates who demonstrate concern for the environment through their actions? Do they support conservation issues to reduce toxics that enter our air, water, land and bodies? The latter two toxin references include pesticides and some fertilizers that contaminate our food. Air and water pollutants include emissions from our transportation and various industries through smokestacks or runoff into streams and rivers.

How we properly dispose of products:
when our earth matters to us
Practice the Four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repent…because we’ve been awfully naughty

Do we consistently discard recyclable materials into recycling containers and compostable materials into our compost containers? Do we minimize the use of take-out containers, even though they are recyclable, by taking our own reusable containers to a restaurant for the leftover food we take home? Although a container from a restaurant may be recyclable, it usually ends up in the trash because we have too many of them. Why add these to the heaps of waste when we can wash our own reusable containers and use them another time?

When we attend an event where food is served, do we dispose of our items in the appropriate container(s)? Do we put ONLY recycling items in the recycling container and landfill items in the Landfill container? Or do we discard our garbage indiscriminately? Remember, landfill items put into a Recycling container contaminates the entire container. All the contents in the Recycle container have to go to landfill. When that happens in our enclosures in our Mutual, the Mutual is charged extra.

Reducing our wardrobes: 

When we have an item of clothing we no longer need or want, do we donate it to a used clothing shop or do we throw it into a landfill container? There are people who like to be thrifty and/or cannot afford to purchase new clothing.  Such people feel it a blessing to have good useable clothing items to wear.

When we no longer need/want an electrical appliance:
when the earth matters to us
We’ve practiced “out of sight, out of mind” for far too long, it’s time we showed our earth matters to us

If the item has an electrical cord, do we contact Rapid Recycle at 925-671-8008 and make an appointment to have the item picked up in front of our manor or do we throw it into a landfill container? Even though the item may no longer work, it probably contains useful parts.

When batteries no longer work:

Do we take batteries that no longer work up to MOD and put them into the used battery container there? According to information on the Internet, “When thrown in the household trash, batteries end up in landfills. As the battery casing corrodes, chemicals leach into the soil and make their way into our water supply. Eventually, they reach the ocean. … According to Battery University, lithium can cause landfill fires that can burn underground for years.

There’s nothing new about the importance, or the ease of, implementing these practices. They are easy to apply when we keep them in mind. They are urgently vital…when Our Earth Matters to Us!

Courtesy of the Rossmoor News, Dec. 23, 2020.  Email Dale Harrington at dalejharrington@gmail.com

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