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This month’s featured film:


A special evening of light-hearted short films on a variety of environmental topics will be presented by Sustainable Rossmoor. Clever, amusing, and funny perspectives on promoting a healthy planet can sometimes give pause . . . and lead to reflection.

A panel of judges has selected from among dozens of nominations submitted by residents as well as culled from eco-comedy film festivals to create a delightful evening while taking a fresh look at a large variety of subjects. You might wonder, what could be amusing about global warming, climate change, solar energy, wind power, plastic, water pollution, air pollution, traffic, landfill, oil spills, concern for other species, food waste, overpopulation, or extreme weather. Come to the theater and find out; see if you agree that these environmental short films provoke thought . . . and chuckles!

To make suggestions for the club’s next collection of eco-comedy short films, contact Carol Weed at

Contra Costa’s Landfill Tour – Thur Nov 2

Thur Nov 2, 2017
Landfill Tour
9:45 am depart Gateway lot
Reservation required.

Contra Costa’s Landfill Tour

All are welcome to join a private tour of Contra Costa’s landfill site in Keller Canyon in Pittsburg on Thursday, November 2nd. Carpools will depart the Farmers Market corner of the Gateway lot at 9:45 am. We will return at noon or shortly after.  The tour is handicap accessible and will be conducted indoors and in a vehicle; dress appropriate for the weather. Get an up close look at both the landfill operation and the associated Ameresco Power Plant (see photo) which captures the methane gas coming from our garbage and converts some of it into 3.8 megawatts of electricity.

The Keller Canyon Landfill, which is owned and operated by Republic Services subsidiary, Allied Waste, opened in 1992 and is the main recipient of refuse from residents and businesses in the Contra Costa. The company owns approximately 2600 acres, but the permitted disposal area is only about 260, of which less than 150 have been used so far. By comparison, Rossmoor takes up 1,800 acres. The site also supports 7.21 acres of wetlands. The objective of the wetlands project is to increase the total amount of available habitat on the property by constructing new wetlands and enhancing existing wetland and riparian habitat.

To join the tour and a carpool, please contact Carol Weed,, or 510-409-4055.