Residential Solar and Virtual Net Metering

Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Virtual Net Energy Metering (NEMV) were the highlight topics at the November 2018 Sustainable Rossmoor general meeting. Resident Norm King described his experience having NEMV installed in Mutual 48. Jeff Parr, owner of Solar Technologies, explained solar basics, how NEM and NEMV work, their installation and considerations.

NEM and NEMV is a bill crediting system for community solar. It refers to solar installed on a roof shared among residents. NEM is good for single family or town homes. NEMV is for condo or multi-unit complexes.

Mutual 48 Solar and NEMV Installation

Norm King shared Mutual 48’s experience making solar available to all of its residents, regardless of whether or not their individual manor has a south-facing or shaded roof. The process started in 2015 with all member meetings to learn advantages of solar, determine support, and adopt a “fairness principle.” In 2016 24 homeowners signed up, PG&E requirements were met, and building and fire permits were applied for. By the end of 2017 MOD, and building and fire inspections were completed. In 2018 there are significant electricity bill reductions and CO2 savings. Click here to download the 2-page Word file of Norm’s presentation notes which has an outline of activities for each year.

Norm King describes getting solar in Mutual 48 at Sustainable Rossmoor November meeting.
Virtual net energy metering and solar panel installation on multi-unit complexes

Benefits of Solar

Jeff Parr said residential solar panel systems reduce energy costs and have tax incentives. Plus, we’ll be doing our part to help the environment and combat climate change. It takes 5 to 7 years to recover our investment. Purchasing solar can increase the resale value of our homes by more than $5,000 per kilowatt added. Solar Technologies is the firm developing the one-megawatt solar array for Golden Rain Foundation.

For more information check the California Public Utilities Commission Virtual Net Metering web page (

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