Sustainable Development Goal Ideas for Rossmoor

The United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), American concern about climate change and Sustainable Rossmoor (SR) planning for 2019 were the highlight topics at the December 2018 SR general meeting. Jim Ware motivated the attendees by describing the five of the 17 SDGs related to SR’s mission and led group discussions.

Five of the 17 UN SDGs related to SR goals are (click on links for descriptions, facts and figures, and 2030 targets):






Jim showed Yale Program on Climate Change Communication research results. Overall, 70% of Americans are worried about global warming. Additionally, it was noted we have about 12 years to change and save our environment.

After the presentation the attendees gathered in groups to discuss what SR accomplished and learned in 2019, and what SR should focus in 2019. Here are the results.

Accomplishments 2018:

  1. Handout related to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot was distributed to members and others.
  2. Earth Awareness Week was well attended
  3. Composting Pilot Program
  4. 30 EV charging stations on GRF properties
  5. Support for GRF Water Reclamation
  6. Earth Matters bi-monthly articles in Rossmoor News
  7. Monthly SR movies
  8. Formed residential solar committee/program
  9. Worked with GRF to get 2-stream trash containers
  10. Public advocacy with City of Walnut Creek and Recycle Smart to promote Reuse, Recycle, Rot
  11. Raised money for future Sustainable projects
  12. Organics recycling
  13. Right-sizing
  14. Sustainable Rossmoor initiated Assembly Bill 634 was passed which allows condo owners throughout California to install solar panels without concent from other owners
  15. MOD solar array
  16. Distribution of recycling bags and organic pails
  17. New posters ready to install in trash enclosures (Move In, Move Out, what goes where)
  18. Guest speakers were informative and provided new learning for attendees


  1. Earth Awareness Week was over ambitious
  2. Continuous education is crucial
  3. Permit process through Walnut Creek is significant implication factor
  4. Work carefully with GRF management to get things done
  5. Difficult but possible to create change
  6. Working cooperative with GRF is beneficial for all
  7. We need to continue thinking creatively to encourage change
  8. Microplastics and sunscreen impact the oceans and our water

Brainstormed Focus Ideas for 2019:

  1. Continue outreach with Rossmoor and City of Walnut Creek
  2. Recycling compliance
  3. Continue awareness education and participation
  4. Survey Rossmoor residents to ascertain areas of expertise
  5. Continue to expand solar array and recycling programs
  6. Build culture
  7. Water conservation inside manors
  8. Collaborate with Garden Club on sustainable issues (no public water yet)
  9. More education regarding: Recycling, Water, Solar, Infrastructure updates = increased value of our property
  10. Develop legislation that precludes single-use plastic
  11. Sponsor events that demonstrate recycling

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Development Goal Ideas for Rossmoor”

  1. Hats off. I admit that it has been years since I tried to make a dentin Rossmoor’s previous lame duck interest in the overall physical environment within our gates. I am so pleased to see how far other residents have gone to both educate and involve the administration and fellow residents in their quest for both a better Rossmoor and the pressing concerns to reverse the progress of the adverse affects climate change.

    As a parent and grandparent, I recently had an awakening that the most meaningful gift to my heirs and most rewarding payback to me, is to devote my time and energy to HELP SAVE OUR PLANET.

  2. Wonderful. Spent one year of Zoology grad school collecting and studying life cycles of critters in the Everglades.

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