Solar in Rossmoor

The compleat guide to roof-top solar in Rossmoor

Over 150 Rossmoor residents have already installed roof-top solar and are now enjoying low-cost electricity and are protected from PG&E’s future rate increases.

Can I use solar to ride through power outages?

When PG&E declares a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) you will lose power for at least 24 hours and perhaps several days. If you are dependent on a medical device, a power outage of this length could be life-threatening. Learn about your options to survive PG&E outages.

Can I go solar without investing in my own rooftop system?

Check out MCE’s Deep Green program. It costs no more than PG&E’s regular rates.  It’s super easy to sign-up and super sustainable!

Rossmoor’s own solar farm

Sustainable Rossmoor helped build a 1MW solar array on the hillside by MOD, which now provides over 50% of the electricity used each year by the GRF

AB 634

Sustainable Rossmoor was a major proponent of ensuring that condo owners like us had the right to install solar on our roofs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Adrian Byram
Residential Solar & Renewable Energy Committee Chair