A SEA CHANGE: a film exploring the decline of the world’s oceans

On Wednesday, September 13th at 7 pm in Peacock Hall, Sustainable Rossmoor will show A SEA CHANGE. The film takes the audience on a journey to explore the sources of the declining state of the world’s oceans. A young boy, his grandfather, scientists, and entrepreneurs look at the causes, the results, and possible solutions for ocean acidification, bringing a crucial and little-known issue to the attention of film-goers.
Sven Huseby, a retired educator, connects with his grandson, Elias, through their mutual fascination with underwater mysteries. Sven travels to some of the globe’s most gorgeous locales, trying to thread his way through the science and sociology of the oceans, a journey that takes him to Northern California, Alaska and the farthest reaches of arctic Norway, where his ancestors were born. Fishing was their life. There’s lots of breathtaking footage of the natural world, from the tiniest pteropod (the fluttery, planktonic sea snail that is most threatened by acidification) to the most majestic Norwegian scenery.
Ocean acidification is the result of carbon dioxide combining with water and making carbonic acid. Much of the carbon dioxide released by cars and trucks, and the burning of other fossil fuels dissolves in the sea, thereby fatally changing its chemistry by gradually increasing the water’s acidity — making it a less livable environment for many sea creatures.
“I fell completely in love with Sven and the extraordinarily bright Elias. The people in the film are very real and approachable and the ocean footage is stunning. It’s optimistic with the whole section about solutions at the end. It has a broad appeal for all ages.”
Dr. Cat Dorey, Sustainable Seafood Advisor, Greenpeace International.
“A SEA CHANGE offers a searching, emotionally powerful look at ocean acidification. This problem is sometimes called the ‘evil twin’ of climate change. This story is full of heart, scientifically accurate, and lyrical. It also offers a good reason for hope, which is indispensable in the face of such a huge challenge.”
Brad Warren, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
The feeling that we have stolen something from our children falls heavy on the old, who wonder whether they have done right by themselves, their family, and their society. Sven Huseby feels this deeply as he discovers that his generation has profoundly changed the atmosphere by adding carbon dioxide. We see a thoughtful person who thinks and moves carefully, and never makes you feel sorry for him or the planet. When he asks questions, you feel that you want to help him. Mr. Huseby wants you to test the roots of your idealism, your resolve, and your hope for the future and its children.”
Jeffrey Levinton, Director, Marine Biology Web Page; Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University
The story that “A SEA CHANGE” tells is urgent, unsettling and desperately in need of understanding and action. All Rossmoor residents and their guests are invited. 90 minutes. Captions.

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