Recycling Center Tour – Wed Oct 18

Wed Oct 18, 2017
Recycling Center Tour
9:45 Depart from Gateway lot
Reservation required.

Join Rossmoor’s Trash Talkers and other members of Sustainable Rossmoor for a private tour of our recycling processing plant in Pittsburg on the morning of Wednesday, October 18. We’ll visit the Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery Center, whose commitment is to recover natural resources, save energy, and preserve the environment. It’s the nation’s top-ranked recycling plant for resource recovery. The tour is about 45 minutes and begins with photos and a talk about the history and workings of the plant while sitting down. Then there’s a walk through the facility. It is handicap accessible; plan to wear closed-toed shoes. Hard hats will be provided.

This plant processes recyclables from almost all of Contra Costa, receiving over 100 tons daily. The contents of our blue recycling bins get sorted by hand and by machine and made ready to send to buyers who will make them into something new again. See trucks as big as some houses dump their contents; then watch cardboard, plastic bottles, and tin cans respond to giant magnets, blowers, tumblers, and travel down conveyor belts. It makes it easy to see why we are being asked not to bag our recyclables anymore; the whole process is smoother when our items are loose.

For a preview, of what to expect, here’s a 3 minute video:

We will depart the Farmers Market corner of Gateway parking lot at 9:45 AM and return about noon. For more information, or to join a carpool, contact: Carol Weed at or 510-409-4055.

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