Learn how an EV can save you money at our Feb 1 meeting!


Before you choose your next car, learn about MCE’s EV rebates and their one-stop process for combining all other eligible rebates, by attending Sustainable Rossmoor’s Feb 1 meeting at 7pm. 

Click here to register for the meeting and get the Zoom link

Three speakers from MCE and Drive Clean Bay Area will cover . . .

1. Electric Vehicle (EV) Rebates to Lower Car Purchasing/Leasing Costs.

Remarkably, there are seven EV incentives available. What’s even better is several of these rebates can be combined to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing or leasing an EV.


If you’re on a tight budget you may qualify for several of the rebates listed – look for the words “income-qualified.” The list includes the MCEv vehicle rebate, which offers $3,500 for income-qualifying customers to help lower the price and ease the process of buying or leasing an EV. To see all the available rebates visit this page.


2. EVs Are More Affordable To Fuel Up Than Gas Vehicles

Gas car drivers pay twice as much for fuel. Driving an EV can save you over $650 each year in fuel alone.


3. EVs Need Less Maintenance

The only regular maintenance EVs need is adjusting tire pressure and rotating the tires, saving EV drivers a lot more money.

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