WHEN: Wed, Feb 13, 7:00-8:30 pm

WHERE: Peacock Hall

DESCRIPTION: An Eco-Comedy collection of environmental short films that provoke thought . . . and chuckles!

A  special evening of light-hearted short films on a variety of environmental topics will be presented by Sustainable Rossmoor. Educating with humor can be a powerful . . . and fun. The club’s first Eco-Comedy production in 2017 was very popular; this is an all new collection.

A panel of Rossmoor judges previewed a large number of nominations submitted by residents as well as culled from national eco-comedy film festivals to create a delightful evening while taking a fresh look at a large variety of subjects. You might wonder, what could be amusing about global warming, climate change, solar energy, wind power, plastic, water pollution, air pollution, traffic, landfill, oil spills, concern for other species, food waste, overpopulation, or extreme weather. Come to the theater and find out; see if you agree that these environmental short films provoke thought . . . and chuckles!

Please make your suggestions for the club’s next collection of eco-comedy short films by using the “Contact us” link on this website.

For links to some of last year’s (2017) ECO-COMEDY SHORT FILMS selections, go to: https://sustainablerossmoor.org/eco-comedy-shorts/

The full collection (73 minutes) of the Sustainable Rossmoor 2019 Eco-Comedy Short Films can be viewed at:
Individual segments are here:
Man’s Best Friend (2 min)  http://youtu.be/BcjdV4LXPeo
Environmental Pollution (3.5 min)   http://youtu.be/tmhiglxga-4
The Front Fell Off (2 min)   https://youtu.be/3m5qxZm_JqM
Community Garden (2 min)   https://youtu.be/mQ-30vtZAfs
A Jon Stewart Tirade (7 min)   http://youtu.be/lPgZfhnCAdI
A Grocery Store War (6 min) Stop-action animated   https://youtu.be/hVrIyEu6h_E
Wa’ar Tasting (1.5 min)   http://youtu.be/GceNsojnMf0
Self-Driving Bike (3 min)   https://youtu.be/ZwzKn6XRH70
Single-Use Plastic Rap Song (3 min)   http://youtu.be/koETnR0NgLY
Nuclear Meltdown (1 min)   http://youtu.be/ON9G4mIsNvQ
Steeri (2.3 min)   https://youtu.be/wf1xR2kX3rU
Feeling Warm on the Inside (36 sec)   https://youtu.be/4kbEHOLUo8I
Elephants in the room (40 sec)   https://youtu.be/fyjLn9P5LwA
Green Police on Recycling (1 min)   http://youtu.be/PVPyHrPZbVM
Bottled Water Tasting (4 min)   https://youtu.be/YFKT4jvN4OE
BP Oil Spill (3 min)   https://youtu.be/ClvLp4vXJ5I
Eco-Warrior Challenges (2.5 min)   http://youtu.be/_jtnsrDjr8M
Skip the Straw (4 min)   https://youtu.be/7IqxJUx_l24
Climate Change Denial Disorder (1 min)   http://youtu.be/fZTTI_0mHN0
Same Way We Treat the Earth (1 min)   https://youtu.be/trjzjNxPgOU
Overpopulation Solutions (3 min)   http://youtu.be/FgvsASTTMnc
Get Acclimatized (1 min)   https://youtu.be/TQlHaGhYoF0
Best Electric Products (1 min)   http://youtu.be/loT7DNgH_yo
Extreme Weather, Rising Tides (30 sec)   https://t.co/s7ECgmFobe
The Natural Label (4.5 min)   https://youtu.be/AftZshnP8fs
12 Days of Garbage (2.5 min)   https://youtu.be/frdfRWfy6k4
The Threat of Wind Power (3 min)   https://youtu.be/F0UkH81NMTo
Twizzlers instead of Straws (1 min)   https://youtu.be/pDG4WOvXW9I
Traveling in Groups (1.5 min)   https://youtu.be/FIlMhPhkoSA

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